ZILLI, which was founded in 1970 by Alain Schimel, specializes in leather goods and outerwear, as well as shirts, ties, and accessories. Their flagship item was the luxury leather jacket, the very first of its kind. From this single product, a phenomenon was born.

ZILLI, in every piece of fabric, leather, or accessory exudes a power and confidence that cannot be rivaled. ZILLI combines their world-class materials, such as luxurious cashmere and exotic leather, with unsurpassed craftsmanship to provide clothing and goods that are unlike anything else.

In particular, ZILLI’s sweaters, jackets and coats are lined with beautiful, ornate silk fabric that make them truly remarkable pieces of clothing. Their silk’s are world renowned for their quality and the technique with which they are produced. Some of their even more exotic items include ostrich briefcases, deerskin leather jackets, and alligator belts. With silk and leather that must be felt to be appreciated, ZILLI has propelled itself to the top while other brands are left to simply stand in awe.

Morris & Son’s is proud to have worked together with ZILLI to provide men with an incredible array of clothing and accessories.

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