As the longest established shoemaker in England, the year was 1829 when Joseph Tricker founded the company. Northampton, situated in the heart of England, is a town renowned for its shoe industry - the history of which goes back hundreds of years. Demand of Northampton shoes became so strong that by the year 1840 there were 1,821 shoe makers in the town. Walter James Barltrop, son-in-law to Joseph Tricker, made this model boot when he was only seven years old in 1848. While simple in its execution, it pointed the way for the waterproof country shoes and boots that Tricker’s customers prize so highly today.The Tricker's (most recent) factory, located at 56-60 St. Michael's Rd, Northampton, first opened its doors in 1904. The Goodyear Welted machine was introduced into Tricker’s at the turn of the 20th Century after Walter James Barltrop had returned from a buying trip to New York. He soon realised that it was different from all the others on the market. This machine made it possible to sew the shoes upper with the insole, without having to attach the undersole with the same stitching. In other words, you could make a smart, well-made shoe with the help of a machine, and not only by hand which had long been practiced by Tricker's since 1829.

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