Stefano Ricci

Morris & Son’s has a truly special relationship with Stefano Ricci. As one of the first US retailers to feature any Ricci product, we have a unique and treasured bond with the esteemed brand. Our close relationship with Stefano separates us from other stores that merely sell Stefano Ricci belts and cologne. As a result, Morris & Son’s now features the largest shop-in-shop for Stefano Ricci in North America including shirts, suits, exquisite outerwear, accessories and the Stefano Ricci Luxury Collection.

Having featured Stefano Ricci for 35+ years, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience. This experience, along with incredible quality and style presented in Stefano Ricci suits, allow us to provide our shoppers with unmatched style, service, and expertise.

Over time, Stefano Ricci has become a pioneer in men’s fashion. Utilizing the same dedicated craftsmanship and unparalleled materials that set Stefano Ricci ties apart from the rest, Ricci has surpassed its peers in the men’s fashion world. The Stefano Ricci shirts stand in the forefront with signature features like the octagonal mother of pearl buttons on its shirts.

What makes this brand stand out from other luxury clothing lines is that Stefano Ricci himself is a true artist. Stefano Ricci draws his color inspiration from exotic wildlife and natural earthy tones. From the plains of the African Safari to the snows of Siberia, Ricci follows his vision without compromise or regard of cost when it comes to creating a garment; for it is his belief that beauty and fashion be of paramount importance.

The Stefano Ricci suits feature a wide range of luxury components. Stefano Ricci jeans, polo shirts, casual wear and neckties bring together the same strong elements as Stefano Ricci suits and formalwear. Much like the rest of his bold and iconic pieces, Stefano Ricci tuxedos, tuxedo shirts, and bow ties are the pinnacle of luxury and make a gentlemen stand out at a black tie affair.

Additionally, Stefano Ricci produces an exclusive line of leather goods and, staying true to his Florentine roots, a line of cufflinks using gold, platinum, diamonds, sapphires and other gems that exemplify what jewelry for men truly is. Many of his accessories, including the cufflinks, glasses, belt’s feature Stefano Ricci’s signature eagle, which has become synonymous with the iconic brand as well as on his signature cologne scent.

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