Push Gary

Owner Gary Pushed Out of Plane, Raises $80,000+ for Wounded Veterans

Why would a guy who’s the opposite of a daredevil and afraid of heights jump out of a perfectly good airplane wearing a designer suit?

 To help our wounded veterans, that’s why.


On May 30th 2017 Gary Rosenbaum, owner of Morris & Sons, followed through on a pledge he made earlier this year to Jason Redman, former Navy SEAL and founder of Wounded Wear. Gary had found himself (after “immeasurable amounts of hot sake”) agreeing to skydive with Jason if and only if they could raise at least $50,000 in donations.

PushGary.com was created to spread the word and accept donations. It worked, and Gary was headed for the skies over Virginia Beach.

Wounded Wear is a non-profit organization that provides services, tools, and modified clothing to assist combat-wounded veterans who face extreme physical and emotional challenges. Wounded Wear helps them “rediscover the hero within” through four pillars: Pride, Power, Purpose and Peace. When Gary learned about Wounded Wear from Jason, he was deeply touched:

“Every one of those brave men and women who fought for our freedom deserves the right to feel good in their clothes. When I see my clients in clothes that look good and fit good, I can see they feel good, too. While that may seem small to some, it makes a world of difference for our injured vets when their clothes make them feel good no matter their current physical condition.”


A Good Fit

Dedicated to the art of dressing well, Gary and Morris & Sons are devoted to superior customer service. With a warm, inviting  environment carrying top luxury designer brands, Gary’s store is a destination that attracts customers from all over the globe.

Gary is grateful to have been able to count on his long-time customers and friends to help Wounded Wear. He’s actually flattered they wanted to push him out of an airplane at 15,000 feet, and were all too willing to help raise the money to make it happen. One customer/donor put it best:

“Gary is the type of guy who’d rather smoke a Cuban cigar and drink a nice glass of wine - in NO way is he a daredevil - so if he’s jumping, you better believe I am paying to see it. And support it!”

It’s not too late to help our veterans!

Morris & Sons proudly accepts donations of used suits and other dress clothing to be given to veterans. With every donation, Morris & Sons offers a free tie to their customers!