Marco Pescarolo

The Neapolitans are known for their attention to detail and Pescarolo pants are ones you will want to add to your closet! Marco Pescarolo founded his company 25 years ago with his wife Anna De Matteis. Anna is the niece of Ciro Paone (founder of Kiton) and the sister of Toto (CEO of of Kiton). Anna along with her brother Toto designs all of the "5 pockets" also known as sporty denim styles as well as separate dress pants for Kiton. Marco began his company because he felt their was a void in the market for true Neapolitan sartorial pants as there were never individual trousers that were 100% made in Naples. Pescarolo uses only the best Italian fabrics except for some denim which is Japanese. Pescarolo's mission is to provide their customers with the highest quality fabrics with competitive prices for an Italian handmade pant. 

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