Italo Ferretti

Ties- men, you can never have too many, and Italo Ferretti ties are the crayons in a man's closet. Meaning you can pick any color and expect to have fun with them. Over in Silvi Marina, Italy, the Ferretti family has been producing some of Italy's greatest works of art for sometime now. The Italo Ferretti tie produces a strong knot and while maintaining a neat and plush silk quality.

With Italy declaring Italo Ferretti as being one of the best tie and neckwear makers in history, men everywhere will complete their look with a Ferretti tie and know that they have made the right decision. Italo Ferretti’s formal-wear collection of bow ties also does not go unnoticed. Made with precision to detail and even adding crystals, the Ferretti brothers have taught men in Italy how to look professional and actually make the perfect knot. We are delighted to bring you Italo Ferretti ties, bow ties and elegant silk scarves for your next black tie event. 

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