Il Bisonte

"I have been conquered by the image of peace and strength conveyed by bisons, that for centuries have been a source of life and continuity for all those people who lived free in the American land. For this reason, they are the symbol I decided to mark all my products with"- Wanny Di Filippo

Traveling to Florence over the years has given the buyers at M&S great insight into native designers especially those entrenched in the leather industry. It was during some leisure time on a buying trip that we discovered Il Bisonte and instantly knew that this company would be great for our store!

The cross body classic styles are perfect for those who travel frequently. Il Bisonte's style is defined by the constant search for a classic originality, obtained with the treatment of materials and the color combinations of skins and fabrics. The company's classic leather comes in an array of colors and is a staple in both men and women's closets. The company has been handcrafting bags and other leather accessories in Florence since 1970. In Italian Il Bisonte means secret, personal and modern luxury which you can definitely see in their product.

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