Eleventy designs for sleek and sophistication above all else. The look is sporty chic which means beautiful clothes with handcrafted details that can be worn in infinite combinations to reflect the personality of the wearer. Love for details & proportions, constant searching for quality, originality & elegance- that's what we call Eleventy style.

The company began with the mission of increasing the value of the Made in Italy brand on a worldwide scale and, through relentless effort and enthusiasm in the pursuit of this objective, was able to create international brand recognition in a relatively short amount of time. With a strong team based in the US who works closely with owner Marco Baldassari, Eleventy was welcomed to the US market with open arms 3 years ago. Already the brand has gained a following and with tremendous write up in Menswear magazine and the Wall Street Journal.

Morris & Sons is happy to present our clients with a handsome collection from Eleventy. From unique outerwear pieces like a camouflage vest to jogger suits with a true Italian tapered leg we know that this is just the beginning of this brand. Come visit our store to see the collection of accessories as well.

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