Doriani Cashmere

Doriani, established in 1930s, started as a producer of high-quality belts and straps. The company began to evolve over time, adding raincoats to their offerings. As it developed, the brand became notable for opening the first mono-brand store of its kind in Italy, offering an in-store experience unlike any other.

The next evolution of Doriani found them providing an extensive array of high-quality men’s clothing. Doriani, rejecting popular british-inspired style, created a distinctly Italian men’s fashion line, which included signature Doriani shoes, polo, neck ties, slacks, and, above all, the famous Doriani cashmere Milano. They are even known for producing distinguishable Doriani wedding shoes.

Doriani’s cashmere knits has, over the last several decades, become extremely well regarded, both for their quality and their style. Made with luxurious cashmere, the sweaters and knitwear are as comfortable as they are fashionable. Featuring classic shapes and a demure color palette, Doriani cashmere is perfect for the man with a self-assured style sense.

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