Luciano Barbera

Luciano Barbera is a true gentleman known for his grace and style that comes forth in the craftsmanship of his clothes. During a discussion with Scott Schuman, known for his website The Sartorialist, Luciano explained that his clothes are for the man who wants to experience them, not just wear them. They have to make him feel comfortable and natural in this style.

Morris & Sons features Barbera’s iconic outerwear, cashmere vests, knitwear and sweaters from the Barbera brand. Each year we hold two trunk shows featuring items with an individual style that’s always ahead of the game. We look forward to Luciano Barbera shirt’s houndstooth and herringbone patterns, which give outerwear style, detail and precision. There is never a question of the sartorial dedication in the craftsmanship and comfort, which is why men keep coming back to find Luciano Barbera shirts, ties and jackets that have to be worn to believe year after year.

Barbera creates some of the best yarns and fabrications across all of Italy. All the fabrics you see in each piece of Luciano Barbera clothing are stored in an underground warehouse which is kept naturally cool and humid from a creek running below its floors. Thus, the mill is a key source of luxury products. It is not just a warehouse for Luciano, for him, it is a spa for fabrics. Once each spool is dyed, it rests here for around six months where it breathes in the moisture in the air until 20 percent of its weight is from water. From there the fabric undergoes a special 15-step process that Luciano has never disclosed to anyone not involved in the curating of the fabrics.

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