Ike Behar

As a cuban immigrant, Ike Behar’s journey to being one of the most sought after men’s brand exemplifies the American dream. A cuban immigrant whose father was a well-known tailor worked with designers like Ralph Lauren before branching out on his own. He set a reputation of crafting perfectly tailored Ike Behar dress shirts. He’s most famously known for creating smartly chic tuxedo shirts sewed with superior precision and authentic fabrics.

Ike Behar and his family are a big part of the Morris & Sons family. Twice a year we hold an Ike Behar trunk show in store so customers can have the chance to meet Lawrence Behar, Ike's son. Customers have the opportunity to select fabrics and have proper measurements taken to create a custom Ike Behar shirt. The Behar family has always focuses their company on quality and craftsmanship.

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