Hook & Albert

hook + ALBERT is a mens accessory brand named after the vintage styled chained watch attached to the waist and fitting in the breast pocket. Birthed purely out of a coincidence in the meeting at a wedding and recognizing each other’s similar taste in colorful mens dress socks, Adam and Cory decided they had to do something about the lack of quality and flavor in the whole mens elegant accessories industry.

Men’s suits and tuxedos can start to look the same, so what better way to differentiate yourself than to add a pop of color with hook and ALBERT socks and lapel flower. Your collection of fashionably unique Men’s accessories don’t have to stop at socks and lapels; there are also hook + ALBERT shoelaces, bow ties and even canvas bags. Made with quality silks and threads, Hook and Albert will add a long-lasting personality to your already stylish character.

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