Caruso dresses you for the "the good life." Formal silhouettes but relaxed in nature, they create pieces designed for work and leisure at the same time, utilizing fabrics from around the world, and touches only found in "Made in Italy" garments.

The Caruso family from Naples unveils a signature style of the classic Neapolitan suit for each season. Alberto Caruso's factory is located just outside of Parma. Caruso prides itself on producing authentically Italian style, in each of their collections. In fact, their signature look is the Neapolitan suit styled to fit each of their seasonal lines. Caruso clothing combines Old-World trends with contemporary fashion to produce a one-of-a-kind look. Their softly constructed suits and sport coats offer a unique style, while operating at a very competitive price point.

Caruso menswear has been the advanced craftsmanship of world-class suits and sport coats for over 100 years. Their experience, style, and stability is revered in the fashion world. While a mainstay in Europe, having private labeled for some of the most exclusive fashion brands in the world, Caruso fashion is now beginning to enter the American market with a flagship store in midtown New York.

Morris & Sons has the added benefit of a strong connection with the president of the company Mr. Angeloni, the former CEO of Brioni which provides us and our customer a great deal of insight. This link allows us to bridge the gap between designer and customer, giving you a perspective and expertise hard to find today.

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