For 120 years, Barbour has been the premier countrywear for the outdoor lifestyle. Waxed garments and traditional silhouettes, they are at home form countryside to city center, horseback to motorcycle. Looking for classic staples, look no further.

Barbour was founded in 1894 by John Barbour in wet and rainy northeast Wales. The brand began as a supplier of oilskins and protective garments for sailors, dockworkers, and fishermen. From that foundation, the company has continued to grow by expanding their wardrobe offerings along the way. In addition to Barbour coats and jackets, today you can find Barbour shirts, vests, hats and more, all bearing the mark of quality that defines the Barbour brand.

Staying true to their roots, Barbour has become an authority on wetness protection. Their quality, over the last 120 years, has been recognized with 3 separate Royal Warrants for “Waterproof and Protective Clothing.” Their protective clothing also became the preferred choice for most major motorcycle racing teams, which in turn earned the brand ringing endorsements from the likes of Steve McQueen and others.

Morris & Sons has always been attracted to Barbour’s longevity and history of the company, as well as the quality of their product, so we are proud to offer this cross-generational brand. Barbour jackets are so durable and long-lasting, they are often passed down from father to son.

With Barbour jackets and clothing, Morris & Sons can now offer a collection that is perfect for the active, outdoor driven lifestyle. Great for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike, Barbour clothing excels in all types of weather conditions. While Barbour has built its reputation on their outerwear, they’ve also developed a stylish and comfortable casual clothing line. Morris & Sons proudly carries the complete Barbour collection in Chicago including shirts, sweaters, hats, shoes and accessories.

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