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Small Business Saturday

We hope that you can join us this upcoming Saturday November 24th!  You might be asking your yourself what is “Small Business Saturday”? It’s about celebrating and sharing the small businesses that are part of our lives.  It’s these businesses and the people behind them that make our communities unique. And when they succeed, we all do. 

For 66 years we have always looked forward to helping our customers shop during the holidays! We are lucky that American Express encourages consumers to participate in this day. This is our 8th year partnering with American Express for #smallbizsaturday. Join us for our holiday kick off for the season- we have a FREE gift wrapping station. Bring your list and let us help check gifts off your list!

We have great in store savings on Saturday:

Barbour Flannels take 50% off

Italo Ferretti & Inis Meain scarves take 50% off

All Corduroy Pants take 50% off

Don’t forget customers who spend $350 or more are entered in our raffle! You could win gift cards from Jayson Home, PQM, Coalfire, Barry Regent Cleaners & more!

Spend $350 1 raffle ticket

Spend $500 2 raffle tickets 

3 To Ways Style A Sport Coat

The sport coat is an essential piece of every stylish gentlemen’s closet and depending on how you style it, can easily be one of the most versatile pieces you own. Whether you’ve packed it for a weekend spent traveling or you’re looking to transition your look from day to night, knowing how to style your sport coat will allow you to have completely different looks, even though you are in the same jacket.

We’ve outlined three easy ways to style this Maurizio Baldassari sport coat, which are always popular given their “soft construction”. A man should never feel he only has the option of just wearing a collared shirt with his sport coat. We find many people struggle with incorporating knitwear. But, pairing your sport coat with a sweater vest or a piece of knitwear (did you see our last post about a knit mock)is easy, effortless, and very Italian. Once you have these pieces in your closet, it really opens up the options and expands the look of your wardrobe. Great style comes from getting the most out of every piece you own. Here are three ways to style a sport coat, without looking like you’re wearing the same outfit. 

Sport Coat + Piece of Knitwear 

There is nothing better than a lightweight knit. It is the perfect piece to wear when a jacket is optional. You can wear this Larusmiani quarter zip with corduroys or even with your favorite denim for a more casual look. This is a thin fine gage piece of knit wear made with silk and cashmere, which makes it the perfect garment for layering.


  Sport Coat + Sweater Vest + Shirt

 At Morris and Sons we are all huge fans of the sweater vest (have you seen Gary’s collection?). Besides providing that extra layer of warmth it’s a simple way to upgrade your outfit to the next stylish level. This indigo button sweater vest from Doriani is a fan favorite. The bright color brings out the windowpane pattern from the sportcoat. We paired this back to a Fray chocolate brown and cobalt check shirt with brown cotton/cashmere Kiton 5 pocket pant.  

 Sport Coat + Shirt + Tie 

By wearing this Kiton plaid shirt with hints of powder blue & cobalt it lends itself to either of these Drake’s ties (can’t wait to show you our upcoming post of behind the scene @ the Drake’s factory in London). During the Fall try out this paisley pattern chocolate brown and navy Drake’s tie, and during cooler months wear this solid cashmere cobalt blue tie. When you leave the office and head to dinner or drinks you can “ditch the tie” and unbutton the top button of your shirt for a more casual look. The burgundy Kiton 5 pocket pants add the perfect pop of color. Make sure to wear these with your best brown leather Cucinelli sneakers or Noah Waxman boots.

The 3 Fall Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Needs

Can you believe we are only two weeks away from Thanksgiving?! It feels like only yesterday we were toasting the New Year, making resolutions (that we surely would never stick to), and doing our best to survive the winter here in Chicago. If there is any silver lining to the mountains of snow and freezing temperatures that we experience, it’s the full gamut of winter wardrobe pieces we can justify owning. No Californian has that going for them, I assure you. 

Our team at Morris and Son’s has compiled this short and sweet list of 3 fall wardrobe essentials that every man needs in his closet. These are the building blocks for your fall wardrobe. They are each incredibly versatile, with all the style, comfort, and warmth that the Chicago man needs for this season. 

The Swacket 

Baldassari Swacket

The Swacket?! Not a word you hear everyday, we know. But easily something you can wear everyday, we assure you. The swacket is the perfect combination of sweater and jacket which makes it one of our most popular Baldassari pieces every season. We continue to buy new colors for our customers because gentlemen love how it doubles as a piece of outerwear in the fall, but can also be worn in lieu of a sport coat or soft jacket when the temperatures drop. This piece can be worn from day to night. Pair it back to your favorite shirt and Jacob Cohen jeans with boots or wear it to the office with flannel pants, dressy loafers, and a knit tie. 

The Reversible Leather Jacket


This reversible Baldassari leather jacket is one of our favorite pieces this season. The Chicago guy always needs to be prepared for the volatility of the weather here. You leave the house for Brunch and it’s crisp, beautiful, and sunny out. You finish brunch and suddenly its raining with wind whipping your face. We've all been there.This jacket is perfect for that “oh shit” moment. Simply reverse the jacket to the nylon side, protecting the soft buttery Napa leather. You’ll still look stylish no matter which side you have facing out.

The Mock Turtleneck 

image description

 The mock turtleneck is the perfect piece of knitwear for the guy who always claims he is too hot when he wears a sweater. The mock is a fine gage fabric and doesn’t go as far up on the neck as a normal turtleneck, leaving you with freedom to pile on all those extra layers. This is perfect for the guy who travels and doesn’t want to worry about ironing his shirt. It’s great to dress up with a sport coat and Drake’s pocket square. Or for a more casual look, wear it underneath your reversible Cucinelli outerwear vest.